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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ever Get A Song Stuck In Your Head?

Of course you have... everyone does. This morning, I woke up with a song running through my head that I haven't heard in over 7 years. The song? The "official commissioning ballad" of my second boat, "USS Connecticut", written by two official "Connecticut State Troubadours".

I have no idea why this song popped into my brain. It has a peppy, rollicking tune, along with the corniest lyrics this side of "Barney". I love it in spite of the words taken straight from EB and Navy press releases. I wish there was a recording of it on the 'net to I could pass it on to you, my dear readers, but all I can do is hope that by posting the lyrics I'll be able to get it out of my head and replace it with something like "La Resistance" from The South Park Movie. Here are the lyrics to "USS Connecticut":

REFRAIN: Connecticut salutes you
As you slip beneath the foam,
Our name and hearts go with you
Until you're safely home.
In this "Land Of Steady Habits",
Some things stay the same:
The pride of folks who build and sail
The ships that bear our name ...

The Klaxon sounds, all hands stand at the ready,
The conning tower glides beneath the waves,
The solitary sentinel descends into the brine,
Submerging for the next hundred days.
Her periscope peers above the surface,
Her SONAR sounds the song, and paints an underwater chart;
A celebration of our "Nutmeg State's" technology,
U.S.S. Connecticut, state of the art.

Her mission blends vision with tradition,
From the four preceding ships who've shared her name,
The pride runs deep in the folks who built her,
And in "The Constitution State" from whence she came.
Bridging days of Revolutionary glory,
Civil War to West Indies privateers.
From "The Great White Fleet" into the 21st Century,
She runs silent, fast, down-deep, and without peer.


Her hand-picked crew was chosen for the task,
With inner strength and well-honed high-tech skills.
Together they have learned to work as one;
They've trained to fight, but pray they never will.
For thirty years below the seven seas,
U.S.S. Connecticut will circumnavigate,
Defending our nation and our citizens abroad,
Bringing honor to her home port and our state.

Anyway, I was glad I thought about the song, because the song's website has a picture of the singer/writers of the song along with my first CO on the Connecticut, Capt. Larry Davis, who I really liked. (Actually, I've liked all my COs other than He Who Must Not Be Named; some, though, I've liked more than others.)


Blogger jeffox said...

Bring the Nautilus back to Groton. . . . .

:) :) :)

3/22/2006 6:23 PM

Blogger half said...

Ima having another Lesley Gore Day. I hate to start to shave and "It's My Party" explodes in my brain.

3/23/2006 10:23 AM


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