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Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Sad, Sad Story

Boise is in the national news tonight, and it's not for something good. A tragic traffic accident during the morning commute led police to a grizzly discovery:

"Nampa police charged Alofa Time with first degree murder late Thursday after officers said he killed and decapitated his estranged wife last night. He is also charged by Boise police with second degree murder for intentionally slamming his pickup truck into a car on Boise's Franklin Road this morning -- hours after he is accused of killing his wife. The traffic accident killed a Boise woman and her 4-year-old daughter. An 8-year-old sister was hospitalized for injuries.
"The estranged wife's severed head was found at the scene of the Boise crash; her body was found in her Nampa home. The head flew out of the truck Time was driving and fell onto the roadway, where it was discovered by investigating officers."

The accused murderer wasn't even hurt badly in the crash where he apparently tried to kill himself, and ended up destroying an innocent family -- now it will take hundreds of thousands of dollars for before the state will be able to end his miserable life. This is the type of case where I'd support assisted suicide...


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