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Sunday, August 20, 2006

PCU Texas Commissioning Coming Up

SubSim has an excellent article up on the preparations being made for the upcoming commissioning of PCU Texas (SSN 775). It looks like the Commissioning Committee is putting together quite a show -- it's nice to see a boat getting honored by their namesake. The commissioning ceremony will be in Galveston on Sept. 9th; the boat will arrive on Sept. 4th.

Of the last three boats commissioned immediately prior to the Texas, two of them had really good namesake state support. I was on the commissioning crew of USS Connecticut (SSN 22), and since we were built in the state, it's not surprising that the community went all out to help us have a good party. USS Virginia (SSN 774) went down to Norfolk for her commissioning. And while USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23) had great support from President Carter and his family, the effort to establish a commissioning committee in Georgia never really got off the ground, which was too bad. It would have been really easy to do the commissioning in Kings Bay, had there been even a little support from the locals.


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