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Friday, February 08, 2008

Darn You, Hannah Montana!

Lots of good movies are scheduled to come out this year, but one I've really been anticipating is U2 3D. It was supposed to come out here in the Boise area next Friday, but now I hear it's being pushed back a week. There's only one explanation for this travesty -- the 3D theaters are currently filled with screaming tweens watching the Hannah Montana concert movie.

While there's no doubt that the U2 movie will be infinitely superior to the "Achey-Breaky Daughter" flick, Disney is keeping us from seeing good concert footage by "deciding" to extend the "planned" one week run of their annoying film. This sucks!

In better movie news, I did see "Fool's Gold" tonight, and liked it. It didn't technically count as a "chick flick" because there were explosions and guns, but it's still a good date movie. As far as treasure-hunting movies go, I'd put it in the same league as the original "National Treasure" , and way better than the sequel.

Update 1901 22 Feb: I saw U2 3D this afternoon; it totally rocked. They didn't do much with the 3D, but the music was still incredible. I think it's probably the best concert film I've ever seen.


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