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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

Idaho Democrats will be caucusing today (Republicans don't vote until the end of May), and Sen. Obama should get over 2/3 of the vote statewide. As an Idaho Democrat who's supporting John McCain for President, I'm not sure who I'd caucus for (assuming I was able to get off work) -- I want the Democrats to nominate the candidate most likely to get beat by Sen. McCain, but I can't bring myself to vote for someone, even in a futile situation, who seems to be willing to say anything that they think anyone wants to hear to get elected (like Sen. Clinton, or Mitt Romney on the Republican side). I guess that'll leave me in the Mike Gravel camp tonight if I'm able to make it.

Update 2308 05 Feb: I didn't end up getting off work early enough to make it to the caucus (which is just as well, since they didn't even let you vote for Mike Gravel), but it looks like Sen. Obama did even better here in Idaho than I thought he would -- he's getting about 76% of the vote statewide, and got all the delegates from here in Ada County.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think McCain can win agaisnt either Billary or Obama. Maybe Romney can beat Billary. I think if Obama gets the Dem nomination he will win the general election.

Totally agree with your take on Romney. McCain scares me with the way he wants to rule the world. Obama/Hillary will spend us into oblivion.

This is a tough election.

2/05/2008 12:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The true sign that the Republican Party has completely lost its way and has become irrelevant is that someone who identifies himself as a Democrat will support the Republican nominee. The 2008 election will mark the death of the conservative party....what a shame.

2/05/2008 8:11 PM

Anonymous GomerB said...

The last few elections have been nail-biters. With public angst over the war and the economy, I'm not sure a true conservative could beat any Democratic ticket. Perhaps McCain can beat Billary on character and Barak on economics by appealing to voters on both sides of the middle. Maybe we're ready for rule from the middle, as opposed to the folks who run the two parties. Here's an idea. Let's have a McCain/Lieberman ticket, and call it the "Thumb Your Nose at Both Parties" ticket!

2/05/2008 10:02 PM

Anonymous sonarman said...

Juan McCain is a RINO and a traitor to the conservative principles that the GOP stand for. There's almost no difference between him, HUSSEIN, and Hitler-y. If any of them are all that's left on the ballot come November, I'm voting independant because it just won't matter.

2/06/2008 12:27 PM

Blogger Dade said...

In response to sonarman's comment, it would seem to me that Junior Bush is a RINO. At least, if I am not completely mistaken in what I have understood to be conservative principles.

Aren't conservatives in favor of fiscal responsibility? Bush has blown the federal deficit out of the water.

Aren't conservatives in favor of state and individual rights? Bush has extended the power of the executive branch to squash rights to privacy and state initiatives regarding fuel standards.

Aren't conservatives in favor of strict immigration enforcement? Bush supports a "guest worker" program that many people who claim to conservative call "amnesty."

So, how is Bush a conservative?

2/06/2008 1:02 PM

Blogger T.J. said...


Are you really a Gravel supporter? What about your post a while back about idealism and realism?

2/07/2008 3:19 PM


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