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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SSGN Conversion Going Well

This one kind of surprises me. The Navy is reporting that USS Ohio will finish her refueling and conversion to a cruise-missile carrying submarine (SSNG) will be finished by November. This is a conversion plan that I honestly expected would run into delays, since the process of converting the missile tubes to carry 7 Tomahawks apiece rather than a Trident missile seemed likely to run into engineering issues. If they can actually pull it off on time, they will have exceeded my expectations.

Going deep...

Bell-ringer 2201 02 March: From a comment, here's a link to potential Unmanned Aerial Vehicle applications on submarines, including the SSGNs.


Blogger bothenook said...

that boat is going to be one seriously big dog in damned near any sea/land conflict. 7? per tube? sure wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that barrage.

3/01/2005 3:19 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

When the four boats are done, their combined 560 TLAMs are going to be a big portion of the fleet's striking force. Since they'll be staying with the 2 crew concept, they'll also be on station most of the time; anyone who wants to pull a fast one will have to take into account that they'll have no idea where they might be.

3/01/2005 8:09 PM

Anonymous Former NavET said...

The Tomahawks themselves are not a single capability weapon, including the ability to carry a tactical Nuke. Don't forget UUV and maybe sub launched UAV future capabilities. I'd say the Trident SSGN is going to be one bad ass mofo!

Former NavET

3/01/2005 10:09 PM

Anonymous Chris Van Dis said...

That would be pretty awsome if those converted Ohios could launch and recover UAV's. Kind of like those aircraft carrier subs the Japanese had in WWII.

3/02/2005 10:24 AM

Anonymous Former NavET said...

If your interested in the Sub-launched UAV concept check this link

Former NavET

3/02/2005 11:24 AM

Anonymous Former NavET said...

I'm not too familiar with that last link on Sub-Launched UAVs. Here's a more formal source John Hopkins - Applied Physic Lab site on same exercise.

Former NavET

3/02/2005 12:52 PM


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