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Monday, February 28, 2005

Best Collection of Jimmy Carter Pics

(Intel source: Ron Martini's Submarine BBS)
The best collection of Jimmy Carter pictures I've seen can be found here. I've linked to most of them before, with the exception of the the sixth and seventh rows down. The one on the left in the sixth row shows that the boat did in fact display the broom that I had spoken out against earlier.

Going deep...

Update 2044 28 Feb: Also via Martini's BBS, here's an excellent submarine news roundup which I can't believe I haven't run across before.


Blogger WillyShake said...

BH, Now, on an earlier post you discussed the Jimmah's hatch configuration and I *think* you mentioned that there was no weapon shipping hatch; if so, could you give me the UNCLAS version of how they replenish their payloads? Is there a wpns hatch visible in these photos? Does it require drydocking???

2/28/2005 7:11 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

If I said that, I was wrong. The Weapons Shipping Hatch is immediately aft of the sail; the weapons go down nose-first 3 levels down into the torpedo room. When not handling weapons, it has a nice 45 degree ladder for crew and visitor access that you can install.

2/28/2005 8:39 PM

Blogger WillyShake said...

Ah! Cool. Thanks! --Will

3/01/2005 8:38 AM


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