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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Things To Do When I'm Not Blogging

As you may have picked up, I haven't been blogging as much during the Thursday through Saturday timeframe. In my new job, I do 12 hour shifts (which translates to 14 hours away from home) every Thursday through Saturday, and every other Wednesday. I'm not complaining... I love the seven days off out of every 14; it does cut into my blogging time, though.
Anyway, when I'm not posting as much, please visit the bloggers and other sites listed to the right. One of the most prolific bloggers on my blogroll is Ninme, who today has logged 18 (!) separate entries; her stuff is always fascinating.
MrTorrance from Banfilm Movie BBS sends an interesting link to Haze Gray & Underway, a good collection of general Navy information.
And, sometime this week I should hit the 20,000 visitor mark. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by, and especially thanks to all the commenters that make my posts so much more interesting! As I've said several times, the main reason I started this blog was just to have something to make it look like I wasn't a blog-less newbie when I commented on other blogs, but I'm glad that you find what I have to say interesting enough to keep stopping by...


Blogger ninme said...

Heavens to Murgatroid. Did I really post 18 times? And my parents showed up yesterday at 7, and spent the night on their way to Canada, so my blogging was actually cut short.

Am I a sad sap or an awesome blogging machine? You decide.

3/25/2005 12:49 PM


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