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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Sure They "Support the Troops"

The frequent canard put out by the anti-war left is that they "support the troops, not the war". This would be admirable, if true, but I always get a feeling that they might have some thoughts other than those of support if you scratch the surface enough.
Here are a couple of threads from Democratic Underground on recent protest actions on the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the Iraqi front in the Global War on Terror. The first concerns a protest at a Baltimore recruiting office; here are some excerpts:

Street theater took place. Someone laid a coffin by the center's doors. The coffin was draped in an American flag. "I hold it personally against them, says one black-clad activist, Seel, about why it was important to stop by the recruitment officers in their shopping-center office at work. "Its immoral, what they do; its murder."

Here's another one on the vandalism of a San Diego recruiting office. While one DUer tries to make the point that vandalism isn't the message the "peace-loving" comrades shouldn't be presenting to the public, another says:

"...I believe this is the right thing to do. We need to see more vocal and visible opposition to this disgusting war. I very much approve of such actions."

And then, there's U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga) who apparently had this to say at an anti-war protest in Chicago on Saturday:

"Two years ago we gathered all across America to say no to war. We were joined by people all over the planet who know that there is an alternative to war. But war is about the only option available when the real motive is to steal natural resources that belong to someone else. Or to restack the deck in the Middle East with today's generation of coups and assassinations, following the likes of the US 1949 ouster of Syria's elected government, the US 1953 ouster of Iran's elected government; US 1958 landing of Marines in Lebanon; and its 1963 support for a coup in Iraq after an assassination attempt against its leader failed. The militarism we see today is nothing new. Even though some 14 countries have withdrawn their troops since March 2003, Bush tells the American people that he has no idea when US troops can expect to come home. Sadly, many of them are being forced to take matters into their own hands. With filings for conscientious objector status, forced pregnancies (?), disappearances, seeking asylum in Canada, and leading rallies like this today all over America. The American people, and our children over there fighting, still haven't been told the real reason the US is at war with the Iraqi people. And against the people the US war machine has turned. Thousands of Iraqis, especially children, have been killed by our sanctions and our bombs. This is an immoral and illegal war and we need to bring our troops home now. Instead, they lay the groundwork to expand the war and destabilize Iran, Lebanon, and Syria. Destroying Iraq isn't enough for them. Nor are the million men and women in our Armed Services enough for them. The George Bush war machine wants you, too. And your children. Everywhere you turn the Pentagon is denying it wants a draft while at the same time lamenting that recruitment is way down. Mercenaries will increasingly be used to fight their wars with your tax dollars. While reinstating the draft only feeds the war machine. In fact, we need to get the military recruiters out of our high schools; they need to stop harassing our children, and the 1 billion dollars they spend on slick radio and tv spots and friendly neighborhood offices, ought to be put in the education budget so our kids can go to college without having to go to war first. They tell us we're at war for democracy. But that's a joke; George Bush came to power by stopping democracy at home--denying the opportunity to vote to blacks and Latinos in Florida. They built on that fine record last year with hackable voting machines that don't accurately tally our votes. And in countries like Haiti where democracy was thriving, they arrested President Aristide at gunpoint and forced him out of his own country. While they purport to cherish democracy, they really have a disdain for it. Democracy in Venezuela, India, Spain, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay has produced proud people willing to stand up to US imperialism, coup attempts, and destabilization of their countries. And the good news is that this resistance will spread. The worse they are, the stronger we become. And worse they will become because they've aimed their sights on Russia and China after they've balkanized the Middle East. But one thing I guarantee to you and to them: we won't be fooled! We know the truth. And we won't stop. Stay strong, my brothers and sisters, we have a lot of work to do."

Forced pregnancies? That's a new one. I've heard of "forced pregnancies" as a means of terrorizing a civilian population in war zones, but as a way of avoiding service in Iraq? I mean, I know some female servicepeople get pregnant to avoid deployment, but "forced"? Anyway, if anyone says that "dissent is being surpressed" ask them if an opposition politician could give a speech like this in any oppressive country in the world. And no, people pointing out that she's an asshat isn't "stifling dissent".

Staying at PD...

Update 2109 22 March: Citizen Smash mentions the SD vandalism as well...


Anonymous Xopher said...

Most Georgians (All I know) are embarrassed by Cynthia McHideous. There are enough imports from places like New York City that an occasional moonbat can get elected. Notice she didn’t say this in Georgia. Second Amendment is alive and well down here.

3/23/2005 11:40 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I noticed that too...

3/23/2005 1:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Video of McKinney is posted on LittleGreenFootballs:

3/24/2005 12:31 AM


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