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Thursday, March 31, 2005

USS Asheville Returns From Deployment

USS Asheville (SSN-758) (from hyperlink, click on USS Asheville) will return from a Western Pacific deployment to her homeport of San Diego tomorrow. This is significant to me because 1) the last big project I had on active duty was helping get her ready for deployment, and 2) her CO is one of my former shipmates from the Topeka. Welcome home, and BZ on a job well done!

Update 1643 04 April: A cool picture of Asheville pulling into port is found at the official Navy website. The text that goes along with the picture says the crew is "manning the rails", but actually they're just standing around topside like submariners always do on the maneuvering watch.


Anonymous Big sister said...

Asheville celebrated her return on Friday, April 15th, with a Change of Command. Captain Scanlon moves on the major command of a squadron. His crew did him proud and all deserve your BZ!

4/17/2005 11:23 PM


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