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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Chinese Submarine Force

Right now I'm busy trying to figure out how to get my truck to start so I can go into work tonight (the starter, rather than "modulating" when I turn it on, continues running at a constant speed, as if it's not under load), so I'll just leave some links on this subject for background reading. Via someone (I can't remember who right now) I found this 2 year old article on the future of the Chinese submarine force from the Naval Institute. Also, WillyShake has more recent information at the bottom of this entry.

Update 1219 13 Apr: Via Instapundit, some thoughts from Defense Tech (including info on the new Chinese SSN and SSBN)... As I've said before, I really can't get that worried about these new boats; they're China's 2nd generation nuclear boats (our current boats are 4th and 5th generation) and even if China was able to skip a generation based on espionage or technical help from the Russians, our subs should be able to keep track of them just fine. As long as we keep building new subs, that is, such that we have them available for that part of the world...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

China's No. 1 military advantage is the ability of its leadership to orchestrate disciplined, long-term initiatives without recurring shifts seen in our US presidential cycles. Its No. 2 military advantage is its proven ability to adopt our latest technologies (with our help and via espionage). The fact that China will be stressed by its resources during the next 10 years (the water table under some of the major grain-producing areas in northern China is falling at a rate of five feet per year, for example) only makes China more dangerous. If the US does not defend Taiwan (as the Clinton administration most likely would have opted to not) we immediately lose allies. This will doom our Republic as we know it based upon economics alone.

4/16/2005 12:09 PM


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