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Friday, April 29, 2005

"Mawhwidge... Is What Bwings Us Togewhwer..."

A most interesting web site addressing the needs of the love-starved women around the world. Democratic Underground is predictably shocked.


Blogger bothenook said...

i am laughing so damned hard i can hardly breath. the funniest thing is the responses at DU. can there really be someone as dim bulbed as that? or are they in on the joke, and are perpetuating it? and what the heck as the first responder doing to find a mail order husband site? hmmmm. inquiring minds want to know.

4/29/2005 6:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is a joke. These are not the European crew for a singles cruise from Miami to New Orleans. I think I have seen some of these photos the Post Office.

The guy from El Salvador could be the gay Staff Officer quoted with "It is nothing for US soldiers to be in the desert for a year without a woman. It is different for us, though, because we are Latin…”

4/30/2005 2:35 AM


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