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Thursday, May 05, 2005

HMCS Chicoutimi Findings Released

The official investigation report from the Board of Inquiry into the HMCS Chicoutimi fire officially cleared the Captain and crew of all criminal wrong-doing. The explanation that Vice Adm. Bruce MacLean, Canadian CNO, gave as was as to "why" was interesting:

"It was a unique event, an isolated event... It was not (foreseen), but it did create a significant vulvernability that we had to deal with."

Kind of like running into an uncharted seamount, maybe?

Highlights from the BOI report include:

-Fire was the result of sea water splashing on high-voltage cables.
-No one to blame for death of Lieut. Chris Saunders.
-Submarine was safe and ready to proceed to sea at the time of the accident.
-Submarine emergency breathing system, masks and oxygen hoses to be updated.
-Navy to develop better firefighting training.

I join the rest of the world-wide submarine community in extending my continued condolences to the family and shipmates of Lt. Chris Saunders, and hope that this report gives them some degree of closure.


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