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Friday, May 27, 2005

Some Guys Have All The Luck...

While I'm off making Boise safe from microscopic particles, WillyShake is livin' the good life in NYC, watching the Fleet arrive for Fleet Week, and then visiting a couple of the ships. He took pictures! Also in the Northeast, Lubber's Line has a good post on the SUBASE NLON issue. No original content here, though, until I find the time to finish the homework that CDR Salamander gave me.

Update 2129 29 May: Still working on the homework; it looks like Skippy-san got his done. Even better, he did some research on what "meme" means...

Actually, I think I'll do my homework now.

Number of films I own on DVD/Video: I personally don't buy many, but Subbasket loves to, so we own well over 200, mostly on DVD (we got our first DVD player with my Nuke Bonus in 1997, so we were fairly early adopters). I personally have bought about five over the last five years.

The last film I bought: Last one to come into our home is "Phantom of the Opera"; the last one I personally bought is "Office Space" (see below).

The last film I watched: When I got this assignment, it would have been "Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith". This afternoon, though, I sat down and watched "Hotel Rwanda" on PPV; if you haven't seen it, please do -- it's one of the most powerful films I've ever seen.

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order): This won't be a list of great films, just films that stop my channel surfing in its' tracks when I come across them:

1) "Glory": Probably my all-time favorite war movie. Seeing men willingly marching into a hopeless battle not only for their fellow soldiers, but also for a greater cause, is a theme that never fails to affect me at the deepest levels of who I am.

2) "Caddyshack": Not quite as good as "Glory", obviously, but still one of the best comedies ever made. In order to be a guy, you have to basically have the script memorized; saying "What movie's that from?" to one of the famous quotes gets you immediately identified as a loser. Made the list by a whisker over "Risky Business", which I like not only because the lead character is named Joel, but also because it provided the basis for a lot of my sexual fantasies in my formative years...

3) "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut": Not only the best movie musical since "The Sound of Music", but also just damned funny. Parker and Stone took on the MPAA head-on and made them blink. The film deserved an NC-17 rating, but they shamed the ratings board to get out of it.

4) "Office Space": The "Caddyshack" of the Naughties. ("Naughties", btw, is what we'll be calling this decade in 10 years or so. You heard it here first.) If you don't know the lines, don't bother hanging out with the other guys at the water cooler. THE movie for those who like merry squirrels.

And because I need one submarine movie on the list, and don't want to list "Das Boot" like everyone else --

5) "The Enemy Below": 1957 movie with Robert Mitchum as a U.S. destroyer captain and real-life concentration camp survivor Curt Jurgens as a U-boat CO. Very realistic, and a gripping tale to boot.

Going deep...

Update 1650 30 May: I had thought that Ninme was appreciative of the wit I showed in coming up with my choices, but it turns out she was making fun of me. So, in the time-honored Internet tradition, I get to retaliate... I tag Ninme to do this meme next!


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