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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sub-Blogosphere News Roundup

Frequent commenter and submariner Xopher has a new blog up over at Snapshot Tube 2.

Vigilis over at Molten Eagle says his blog will now cover submarine issues pretty much exclusively, but he gives a link for those who enjoyed his thoughts on lawyers. (He doesn't like them.)

Active duty submariner JC appears to have started a blog, with the catchy title of MailBuoy, but doesn't have any content yet. I'm bookmarking him to check later to see what he comes up with.

Oh, yeah... PigBoatSailor (obviously a submariner) also has a new blog up at The Discomfort of Thought.

Lubber's Line shows previously unsuspected artistic talent!

On a personal note, I should go over 90,000 page views sometime tomorrow, along with 36,000 visits... thanks again for everyone who's sent a link my way!


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