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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Groton Sub Media Blitz

A couple of articles indicate that Groton-based boats will be coming to a TV near you soon. In what sounds like a fun visit for the crew, the cast of Discovery Channel's "American Chopper" show visited USS Albuquerque.
"Because there is such a large "American Chopper" fan base on Albuquerque, many crewmembers were excited for the opportunity to meet the Teutuls as they came aboard the submarine."
"I watch the show as much as I can when we're in port and I think it's great that they're coming aboard," said Yeoman 2nd Class William Shelton. "We were in the crew's mess (May 11) watching the show when we found out and we just couldn't believe it."
This episode will probably air in August.

In another visit that most submariners will describe as a pain in the ass, but end up being happy about, a network team from the NBC Today Show visited USS San Juan earlier this month. The article doesn't say when the segment might air, but it's interesting to me that the story only has the usual cast of characters (CO and COB) saying how great it was having them on board...

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