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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When is a Submarine Not a Submarine?

(Intel Source: Martini's BBS) When a photo misidentifies a sunken submarine rescue ship as a submarine, that's when. This one may change quickly, but for now, the first photo that comes up when you click on the story above shows a picture of what's clearly the bow of a surface ship, along with the caption: "The shipwreck of the USS Macaw, a submarine that sank after striking a submerged reef in 1944." As the alert poster on Martini's BBS says: " has a story up, including a picture, about finding the sunken U.S. "submarine" U.S.S. Macaw, sunk near Hawaii in 1944. Of course, the Macaw did sink after striking a reef in the Midway Channel, but she was the ASR-11, not SS-anything." (Actually, they didn't just find the Macaw; she was actually surveyed back in 2003.)

We'll see how long it takes to fix their "oops"...

Going deep... (off to start the workweek, so posting will be lighter until the weekend.)


Blogger Chap said...

Maybe they just know that every ship is a submarine once, just like every ship is a minesweeper once.

6/09/2005 8:10 AM


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