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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Does Size Matter?

Over at, Joe Buff is writing a series comparing diesel/AIP boats with nuclear boats, focusing on the advantages inherent in a larger submarine. Excerpt:

"It seems inarguable that SSNs possess substantial advantages over SSKs (whether the latter are augmented with AIP systems or not), regarding a) rapid stealthy transit to and from the theater of operations, and b) continued rapid submerged movement during tactics in the OPAREA. The top quiet speeds of Seawolf and Virginia equal or exceed the absolute maximum speeds of any SSKs! "

Without going into too much detail, he's right -- but I'm not sure how much data I'll be able to use to verify this without crossing certain lines. For now, we'll just read the column, and see if we can get some good back-and-forth going in the comments.

Staying at PD...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was on the Miami during the initial testing of the AN/BSY-1 sonar system against Upholders in the north atlantic. We also developed hunt/kill tactics for ssk's during the period. The brit's are good sub drivers, and their diesel boys are some of the best. If a nook can identify, classify, and snapshot a ssk, all advantages are lost.
SSK's are only good for one shot losses in most areas, and that's only if they are not identified while charging their batteries.

7/15/2005 1:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, I was on Miami for that event. We did pretty good then, didn't we!

The Armadillo.

7/18/2005 7:56 AM


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