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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Lots of Sub-Related News This Morning...

Unfortunately, I don't have time to sort through it and make snarky comments. You can check out Connecticut's strategy for their presentation to the BRAC commission in Boston tomorrow in this Bob Hamilton article. One item that looks encouraging is this:

"Several BRAC experts said that the arguments for maintaining the Groton base should include the environmental costs of cleaning up the base. That material could be presented to the commission after the hearing, because the hearing time should be spent focusing on military value, the BRAC experts agreed.
"The Pentagon has said that it will have to clean up every base regardless of whether it is closed or not, so it did not consider those costs in its payback analysis. BRAC experts say that's a bit disingenuous. In Groton, for instance, the Navy could stretch the cleanup out over many decades if it keeps the base open, rather than incurring all those costs in the next few years.
Environmental impact, however, is the last of eight considerations for the base closing analysis.
“In my opinion, the environmental costs are going to be a minor, minor consideration,” said Hirsch.
“When it gets down to it, the decision to take a base off the list generally has to do with the BRAC commission determining that the analysis violated one of those eight criteria, and the first four have to do with military value,” said Gregory L. Sharp, president of the Spectrum Group in Washington, D.C. “That's where the commission is going to focus its attention.”

For a plethora of other sub news, check out Ron Martini's SONAR brief...


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