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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Submariner, Former FBI Director Passes On

L. Patrick Gray, submarine officer from 1940-1960 and later acting FBI Director during the Watergate break-in, died today at age 88. After his tenure at the FBI ended, he returned to the Groton/New London area to practice law. Sailor, Rest Your Oar...


Blogger Vigilis said...

LOUIS PATRICK GRAY, III - His first station was IDAHO (BB33) at Pearl. After sub school in 1942, "Pat" participated in five successful submarine combat patrols against the Japanese. After hospitalization for ruptured appendix in 1945, he rejoined the Pacific Fleet as XO on CAIMAN (SS 323). After CAIMAN, Pat entered law school at George Washington University graduating in 1949. Next came duty as ComSubForPac Flag Secretary and Force Legal Officer. During the Korean War, Pat made three patrols in command of TIRU (SS 416). After Armed Forces Staff College, he returned to sea in 1955 as XO FULTON (AS 11) in New London. He then served as ComSubDiv 101 (six fast attack submarines), followed by duty with ComSubForLant, as TacTra Officer, and Polaris Project Officer. In October, 1958, he was selected for duty as Military Assistant to the Chairman, JCS, and Special Assistant to SecDef.

Pat retired from the Navy 1960, as a Captain. He earned it, but he will certainly not be missed for his military service alone.

7/06/2005 5:01 PM


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