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Monday, August 15, 2005

I Am Not Amused...

OK, maybe I am a little bit. Check out this new shirt that's on the market. I admit it's a tiny bit clever: "USS Jimmy Carter -- Starting problems then waiting for the USS Ronald Reagan to solve them." I'm sure the skimmers and airdales will love it: "Hey, a submarine messes up, and a carrier comes in to fix it. High five!"
Anyway, I've stated my opinions on why I believe naming SSN-23 for President Carter was not a bad thing several times before, most recently two weeks ago, so I won't go over them here again. Those who would like to can see my post "In Defense of Jimmy Carter", which has links to most of the rest of my posts. You can dislike the man all you want; I just have *problems* with "humor" that makes light of the crew of the Carter and their professionalism. Yes, I realize that the shirt wasn't meant to do that... it still raises my hackles, though.
CDR Salamander did point out a couple of weeks ago that President Carter still seems to have a little bit of submariner left in him; and, one final thought -- remember that had it not been for the Carter Administration, we probably wouldn't have had eight years of Ronald Reagan. Not bad for one man's legacy to the country...

[Intel source: Ron Martini's BBS]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A submarine messes up and a carrier comes in to fix it"? Naaah - even Harry Potter is more believable than that!

RM1(SS) (ret)

8/15/2005 9:04 AM


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