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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

There's No Crying In Submarine Rescue

Actually, there is. In a touching story on an interview with members on the British rescue team, CDR Ian Riches shared his feelings on the emotions he was feeling over the last week.

"Speaking after the 10-hour flight back, Commander Riches admitted to nerves when embarking on the mission on Friday. He told reporters: "You asked me whether or not I was optimistic. I lied. I said I was. I was scared.
"But I shouldn’t have been because I have a team of professional men who worked damn hard to ensure that the guys in that Russian submarine got out alive. We got there in time, we did the job. It was difficult. There was a language barrier."
Fighting back tears, Commander Riches added: "On that day, that minute the rescue vehicle arrived on the surface, I couldn’t ever explain to you properly the feeling of elation among us all. It would be wrong of me to say that grown men don’t cry because I can assure you that a lot of grown men cried that day."

I, too, often feel emotional when I see men of purpose striving together towards a common goal. Not sure if I'd be able to share that with the press, though... CDR Riches is a braver man than I.

In other rescue "news", Liberal Larry over at BlameBush! has put the blame for the Russian unpreparedness squarely where it belongs: Ronald Reagan. I've put the crew over there on warning that any attempted comments making fun of the crew of the Jimmy Carter will be met with instant retaliation in the form of snarky comments and witticisms.

Going deep...


Anonymous Cricket said...

I remember the last time the Russians ran into trouble and men died. I cried then. It was a senseless tragedy then and the men that were rescued today have much to be grateful for.

I am happy they made it and that we aided in that effort and made it in time. There were prayers at this end for them and the rescuers.

8/10/2005 8:17 AM


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