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Sunday, August 07, 2005

"Brotherhood of the Sea"

Neat quote from Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov in response to the successful rescue of the AS-28 Pris: "We have seen in deeds, not in words, what the brotherhood of the sea means." From the same article as this quote, the reactions of the crew on arriving on shore is recounted:

"It was cold, cold, very cold. I can't even describe it," one crew member with reddish hair said as the sailors walked ashore with dazed looks and bloodshot eyes after their vessel was cut loose from cables that had snagged it.
"The men aboard the AS-28 mini-submarine — six sailors and a representative of the company that made the ship — had opened the hatch and climbed out without assistance, officials said...
"At the edge of the gangplank leading off the ship that brought the crew to shore, the submarine's commander Lt. Vyacheslav Milashevsky held a long and solemn salute, then a slight smile crossed his face...

"The men had worn thermal suits to protect them against temperatures of about 40 degrees and were told to lie flat and breathe as lightly as possible during the rescue effort, officials said. To conserve electricity, lights were turned off and contact with the surface was kept to a minimum."

Welcome home, shipmates...

Update 1533 07 Aug: Now that the crew is safe, we can start to look at some of the potentially humorous reactions people around the blogosphere might come up with. Here's what's posted over at IMAO. Since it wasn't a flooding casualty, this one loses points for relevance.


Anonymous chrys said...

Blogs do come in handy. Have been away most of the weekend and missed the completion of this ordeal. Your site is the first I went to when I turned on the computer. Thanks for this post!

8/07/2005 4:02 PM


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