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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Base A Sub Where?!?

Check out this dispatch from the UPI -- I have a feeling it's from the idiotarian international edition:

"PARIS, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- U.S. plans to base a nuclear submarine in the Mediterranean have been met with protests in the Italian island of Sardinia and its French neighbor of Corsica.
"The U.S. Department of Defense says it wants to extend Commander Squadron Submarine 22, an Orlando, Fla.-based reserve unit, on the Mediterranean island of San Stephano..."

First of all, Subron 22 is the tender-based squadron commander for U.S. subs in the Med, not "an Orlando, Fla.-based reserve unit". I could imagine that as part of the "Transformation in Europe" the Navy might move the squadron off the USS Emory Land into offices at San Stephano (or more likely La Maddalena, the nearby island where our subs pull in to), but I haven't heard anything about that; there's no evidence of a DoD announcement to this effect, nor does the NAVEUR site say anything. What I do know is that we're not planning on "basing" a submarine there.

For protesting about problems that don't exist, I sentence all these Europeans to urinate only in this restroom.

Bell-ringer 1147 02 Nov: A commenter brings up a good point that they might be upset about possible plans to do crew changeovers on the SSGNs from there. (The linked article says "every other crew turnover"could be at a forward deployed site, such as Guam, La Maddalena, or Diego Garcia.) While that's a long way from "basing" a submarine there, it would probably mean more submariners hanging around, dating their daughters, etc.


Anonymous subcomunic8r said...

Sounds like they screwed the pooch on that one. Perhaps they meant to protest the forward deployment of SSGNs to the MED? As an aside, if memory serves, the boats pull in to Santo Stefano. Naval Support Activity is located in La Madd. Mike boats from Santo Stefano travel to and from La Madd and Palau.

11/02/2005 10:24 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They quit using the Mike boats sometime between '01 and '03 (my last two deployments). Now they have some spiffy-looking passenger ferries.

RM1(SS) (ret)

11/02/2005 12:34 PM

Anonymous The guy who would know said...

The UPI story is news to me and, trust me, I would know.

11/02/2005 12:53 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Always trust a guy who should know!

11/02/2005 1:30 PM

Blogger half said...

Shrinkage, it can happen to anyone, right? Come on, sure, really!

11/02/2005 5:57 PM


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