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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Bubblehead Waxes Philosophical

It seems to me that the Western world is splitting politically along religious lines as much as anything else -- the "left" becoming the group opposed to expression of religion in public life, while the "right" wants, if not more religion, at least an absence of hostility towards religion from the government. This got me thinking, as I was immersed in the cesspool of the DU Religion forum: Do athiests deny the existence of the soul? If one denies the existence of God, doesn't that automatically exclude any belief in the soul, or existence outside of this life? If they believe that this life is all they have, I guess I could see why they're so pissed off all the time...

Update 0433 02 Nov: Bubblehead also can't spell at 0200, so I changed the title to include only words that actually exist in the English language... (although I do note with interest that the mis-spelling I used does have 185K hits in Google).


Blogger Chap said...

Or, perhaps, that there is a new secular religion...

11/03/2005 2:52 AM


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