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Monday, November 28, 2005

Honoring The Crew Of HMCS Chicoutimi

I was pleased to see the Canadian Navy honoring the bravery and skill of the crew of the submarine HMCS Chicoutimi. The crew was presented the Canadian Forces Unit Commendation as a result of their actions during and after the tragic fire over a year ago.

I guess I shouldn't still be amazed at the different responses of the Canadian and American Sub Forces to accidents that befell their vessels. While the Sub Force did honor individual heroes from the USS San Francisco grounding (including HM1(SS) James Akin), no unit award was even considered, as far as I know. I would challenge anyone to come up with a recent example of a crew doing better, in a more stressful situation, than the effort shown by the crew of the San Francisco in bringing their damaged ship home.

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