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Friday, December 16, 2005

Very Interesting Submarine Web Sites

I'm finding all sorts of things today. From the links page of the website of the Tullibee Base of USSVI, and thence through the USS Diodon (SS 349) website (which is a treasure trove in itself), I found the home on the 'net of the Submarine Research Center. This group of retired submariners sends out bulletins, one of which is the elusive foldout picture of my old boat, USS Jimmy Carter (SSN 23), from Popular Science. The picture itself is pretty humorous (Seawolf-class boats don't have VLS tubes, and the representation of the propulsor is quite -- inventive) but it's still kinda cool.

Anyway, those sites listed above, which are part of the submarine presence on the 'net that exists outside of the sub-blogosphere represented by the "Submariners" blogroll to the right, should provide anyone -- if they're interested -- with hours of fun-filled surfing.

Going deep...


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