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Monday, January 09, 2006

Cyber-Annoyance Now A Crime?

I know I shouldn't spend so much time over at Democratic Underground... I really do. It's an addiction, I guess. Plus, I learn new things! Tonight, I learned that Bush 'passed' an unconstitutional law; it involves a prohibition against annoying people anonymously on-line! Now, in the DUer's defense, several did speak up and point out that Bush doesn't actually pass the laws himself -- it was the evil Re-thug-liKKKan Congress that did it! They had another thread on the same subject with dozens of DUers ranting about how Bus-hitler was going to use the law to put them all away, except for these two posters, who kept trying to interject some facts (that the amendment wasn't secretly added, it was sponsored by almost every Democratic Senator, and it was actually just an extension of the prohibition against crank phone calls applied to electronic communications, and specifically exempted blogs and message boards). They were completely ignored as the rest of the "intelligent" moonbats continued ranting. I found it hilarious. It's a sickness I have, I know...

Anyway, here's the article that started the whole kerfuffle, and -- via Instapundit -- the first comment in this post, as well as this follow-on comment, contain a well-reasoned debunking of said article.

Going deep...

Update 1918 10 Jan: Here's an even more in-depth debunking.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dear, are we annoying you?

1/10/2006 11:26 AM

Anonymous Walter M. Clark said...

Well, I found the site where the DUers all go to get info on how to make their foil beanies to keep the evil mind-controlling GOP out of their heads (there's no one in there, anyway). Go to Maybe it'll keep the bad old feds from determining who you are when they come looking for the poster of all those annoying messages.
Isn't the internet fun?

1/10/2006 5:30 PM


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