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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Dude... I Scored Some Gold"

Over the last couple of Winter Olympics, I've really come to appreciate the snowboarding halfpipe competition. Not only because of the athletic skill and grace of the competitors, but because it gives me a chance to embarrass my kids in front of their friends: "Dudez, did you see the sick air that betty got on the fakie McTwist; she totally didn't bonk 'cause of her mad phat skills." -- here's a glossary for those of you who aren't as "hip" and "with-it" as I am -- and also because the winners (at least on the guy side) totally seem to be straight out of central casting from the "happy friendly stoner" file. It reminded me of the line Jon Stewart said in 2002 discussing the sport (paraphrasing, because I can't find it on-line): "He who wins gold on the halfpipe, gets to hit first from the hash pipe".

Women's halfpipe is today -- they normally aren't quite as humorous, but they're really good.

Update 2342 13 Feb: I just noticed that this was my 1,000th post.


Blogger bothenook said...

1000 posts? dude, that's a whole lot of communicating with the world.

2/14/2006 6:26 AM


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