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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bio-agent Sensor Goes Off In D.C.

It looks like the possible nerve agent detection in the Russell Senate Office Building tonight will turn out to be a false alarm; apparently, pesticides and such can sometimes cause false positives.
What interested me was the reaction to the story from my favorite sources of laughter and merriment, Democratic Underground and Daily Kos. Both places, the immediate response was "Rove did it..."; some said because there was going to be a meeting for Democratic senators that night, some because Bush's poll numbers are up (or down) and this will distract the "sheeple", some thought it was because Rove wanted to plant listening devices (couldn't do that at night, when no one's around). Mostly, they think that Bushitler is directing massive media coverage of the "news" to distract everyone and make them think about terrorism.

I'm wondering if they'd be happier if, when bio sensors go off, or there's a bomb threat, that no information be released to the public while it's being investigated, so as not to "distract" anyone. Actually, I don't think anything will make that crowd happy...

Update 2002 08 Feb: I knew it wouldn't take too long until the diligent Gem State Rethug-watchers at 43rd State Blues spoke truth to power about this event. Their hard-hitting post that proves that there was no way that it was just a false alarm, but was planned by the Karl and the Reich Wing, will surely prove to "rural, white-trash Idaho" that Democratic blogs will pave the way to Dem victory in '06 -- led, of course, by the September 11 Forum at Democratic Underground.


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