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Friday, February 10, 2006

"Wuv... Twue Wuv"

In honor of Friday catblogging, I present a couple more shots of Hercules and his continuing infatuation with blankets. He tends to "make his move" on the blankets either after we go to bed, or after SubBasket leaves to take the boys to school in the morning. Since I wasn't leaving for work until after she left, I figured I might have a chance to get some action shots. Alas, as I was taking my bath, I heard SubBasket talking to Hercules: "Jeez... have you no shame, cat? Are you not even embarrassed at all by what you're doing?" I asked if he was molesting the blanket, and was told he was. I figured I had missed my chance. So, when I got downstairs, I went ahead and snapped a picture of a wistful-looking Hercules admiring his conquest from afar. I figured I'd call it "Afterglow":

It turns out that this wasn't the end of the encounter, but merely a short rest. SubBasket and the boys left, and I was collecting my stuff to leave when I walked past the stairs, and he was at it again:

He's got some stamina, that cat does... I was disappointed, though, because I hoped to get a short video clip, but the camera's batteries were too low. Therefore, you'll have to be satisfied with video of another cat who loves her blanket; she just doesn't grab it in her teeth and make strange noises...


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