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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Video Of Hercules

I just shot a video clip of Hercules molesting his blanket. Does anyone know how to upload and display video clips on Blogger?


Blogger PigBoatSailor said...

How appropriate for Valentine's Day ;-)

I would guess your best bet is Video Google. I haven't seen another way to blog video...

2/14/2006 10:40 AM

Blogger girlfriday said...

Please--nobody tell him! :)

2/14/2006 1:49 PM

Anonymous chrys said...

If you have it stored on the internet some place - use the URL where it is stored. If you need the "embed" code - let me know. Just as easy to do a quick search for "embed video" Best of luck

2/15/2006 12:05 AM

Blogger WillyShake said...

Can't wait to see this!

2/15/2006 5:00 AM

Blogger G-Man said...

Well, there's others who use a vblog or something. Go search around blogger to find others who are using vblog or something.

Best of luck dude.

2/15/2006 9:49 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I'm gonna use Google video. I decided to spice it up a little, but it should be ready to post on Friday.

2/15/2006 11:22 PM

Anonymous Byron Audler said...

Going to invite my two felines to watch...they may be able to offer Hercules points on style.

2/16/2006 5:16 PM


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