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Saturday, March 18, 2006

List Of Idaho Blogs

Idaho Times, which has the most complete list of Idaho blogs I've seen, has apparently quit updating. In case they end up deleting the blog, I wanted to save their Idaho blogroll for posterity (and my future reference). It's not complete... just the most complete I've seen. This is just a quick "cut-and-paste" job, so I can't verify that all the links are valid...

43rd State Blues
Adam's Blog
A Family Runs Through It
A Life Without Fish
All I'm Saying
Arbitrary and Capricious
Are You Awake?
A Temptest Within
A Turtle's Relationship Wisdom
Backwoods Bob
Bay Views
Becker Bible Studies Blog
Binary Bliss
Blog Idaho
Blue Nile
Boise Guardian
Briana's Brain
Brian Crapo's Blog
Community of None
Confessions of a dumb, white guy
Crazy Notebook
Digitalfog News
Dogwalk Musings
Elegant Code
Everyday little things
Eye on Boise
Faith's Recipies
Fort Boise
Forum Garden
Freedoms Den
Fresh N' Tasty
From a Simple Mind
Ginny's Many Words
Global Wandering
Go Big West
Going Postal's T-shirt Blog
Grand Old Ladies Living Young
Hold Yer Horses
Homeschooling Helper
Huckleberries Online
Idaho Times
Idaho Zen
In house with Jeremy Petersen
Inventing Millions
J3susfr3ak? Not Anymore.
Jackassery, a Journal
JeanC's Cat House and Shooting Society
Just a Perfect Day
Kitchen Hints and Tips
LDS/Mormon Church History Sites
Lewiston Idaho Realtor Judy Higgins
Lewiston Web Consulting
Liberal Idaho
Liberty Letters
Life Insurance Lowdown
Little Nijette
Love a PITA
Mad Idaho Man
Making Flippy Floppy
Michael Worth
Not a Pretty Girl
Notes on a Napkin
Not So Fast
Objective Justice
Off The Toppa My Head
Orange Frog 76
Patty Duke's Online Center for Mental Wellness
Pink Sheets
Photoshop Experiments & Expressions
Ponderings from Idaho
Reclaim Your Brain
Red State Rebels
R Fair's Gallery
Ridenbaugh Press
Someone Else to Catch This Drift
Something Epic
Somewhere East of Life
Stebbijo's Choice
Steven's Päiväkirja
Sunshine's Daydreams
Super Strain
Sweltering Celt
Tech Rockies
That's Life. Life Goes On
The Adam Graham Program
The Bard of Sherman Avenue
The Calico Girls
The Church of the Great Oval
The Cutlerite
The Daily Grind Blog
The Daughter of the Devil Himself
The Endless Faculty Meeting
The Fall of '55
The Hotsprings Guy
The Idaho Kennedys
The Idaho Native
The Invent Blog
The Political Game
The Sagebrush Patriot
The Stupid Shall Be Punished
The View From North Central Idaho
Thin Air... the Only Blog You'll Ever Need
Thirsty Ghost
This is Breathing
Thoughts from Idaho
Time to Wake Up
Tim Reid dot Net
To Blog or Not to Blog
Un-Muted Mumblings
Vandal Sense
Waking Ideas

If you're an Idaho blogger, and your blog isn't listed, drop me a line, and I'll add it.

Update 0051 21 March: As a commenter pointed out, I demonstrated some hypocrisy by posting a list of Idaho blogs that didn't include Clayton Cramer. Perhaps I knew that he was about to let his domain name lapse.

I also noticed that the list didn't include my favorite Idaho "liberal satire" blog, Morialekafa. Neither did it include an Idaho mil-blogger, MREeater (who also posts at IdaBlue). In fact, the list isn't very complete at all. It's still more complete than any other list I've seen, though.


Blogger Retired Geezer said...

Dude, did you *really* leave Clayton Cramer off your list?
After all that pressure you put on him?


Of course his blog is offline today. I think he might have let his domain lapse. Let that be a lesson to us.

3/20/2006 5:12 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

You're right... that was a particularly absurd one to have not be on the list.

3/21/2006 1:15 AM

Blogger Retired Geezer said...

It was an easy mistake, he wasn't listed in the Idaho Bloglist.

I can't believe he would let his domain name lapse. His email is tied to that domain also. Maybe it was hijacked.

3/21/2006 1:59 AM

Anonymous Daniel Nicolas said...

Hey, I don't know the rules or whatnot, but I moved out of Idaho, so if that disqualifies my blog, you can remove it.

Waking Ideas

4/10/2006 1:48 AM

Anonymous Tint said...

This are very good list. Thanks.

12/05/2011 12:20 AM


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