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Friday, March 17, 2006

New Undersea Warfare Issue -- Arriving!

It's finally out! The long-awaited Winter 2006 issue of Undersea Warfare is available on the 'net -- four days before the end of winter! Some of the articles include:

-- The SSGN Transformation
-- "Undersea Enterprise" (which I mocked and belittled back in November)
-- Pictures of submarines and submariners returning from deployment

Posting will be light while I'm busy reading the whole thing...


Blogger ninme said...

You know, it must be strange to be away for a fair while, and come home to find your wife attached to a small wizened thing.

3/19/2006 12:11 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

I came home to a new 2 week old baby once... of course, she'd had another one less than a year beforehand, so I wasn't too surprised.

3/21/2006 1:18 AM


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