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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They're Losing It...

...over at 43rd State Blues. OK, maybe not all of them, but "ianstenseng" certainly is. He has two posts up (here and here) that illustrate why Democrats will have a hard time regaining national power -- as long as their loudest supporters keep spewing idiocies like this:

"What can we do? First, we must regain control of the Democratic Party. We must open our arms and our party to all those who oppose totalitarianism. We must build an inclusive coalition. We need everyone from the Socialists of America to Pat Buchannan on our team. This is bigger than wedge issues and pet projects, and we need to realize it...
"...How can we accomplish this? We start by telling America the truth, by admitting the truth of our situation and the dangers we face, and by calling this administration what it is.
We will not be welcomed with open arms at first. This much should be obvious. The enormity of what is going wrong in our country has been too large for many of us to wrap our own heads around.
"We should only expect that others, particularly those who lack exposure to the truth, will react negatively to our speech. Yet we must keep telling the truth anyway. Eventually, little by little, people overcome their willing disbelief in the face of impending and compounding reality, and they join the cause..."

So far, so good... completely naïve, and quite condescending, but not moonbatty. Yet. He concludes:

"We must ask frightening but necessary questions about the true nature of the events and actors behind the 9/11 attacks.
"We must confront our mainstream media, and condemn their active complicity in the fascist corporatization of American life.
"In short, we must be willing to abandon the safety of cynicism and become believers in the American dream again."

Anyone think these questions he wants to ask have to do with the true nature of the Islamic terrorists? Or is it more likely that he wants to ask the questions they're asking in the DU September 11 forum? I tried to leave a comment and ask, but for some reason, even though I log in, it says I can't leave comments. Curious...

His previous post is also quite humorous. He's calling for progressives to take back the Democratic party, and asks why the Dems currently in power are not fighting everything the "killers occupying the White House" are doing. (I don't know, Ian... maybe because they, the mainstream Dems, realize that many of these actions are actually necessary and best for the country?) Not only does he mention Peak Oil, but he adds this doozy:

"Why do you think California recently certified Diebold voting devices, against all recommendations, and in the face of stunning security and accuracy testing failures?
"In order to “win” the Presidency, you virtually must carry the state of California."

Umm... I don't recall the current President Bush winning California. The previous one did, but it wasn't exactly necessary... Maybe California certified Diebold because it's the best system available. Maybe it's only in the fevered heads of progressives that there are swarms of computer programmers (a notoriously conservative lot) out there seeking to cheat Dems out of elections they would otherwise win.

He ends up with a statement that makes sense, but not in the way he hopes it would: "Too much is at stake to nominate another John Kerry, or a Hillary Clinton." He's right, of course... but then he goes on to say that the Dems can only win if they nominate someone more "progressive". Yeah, that Kucinich-McKinney ticket should do really great in 2008...

Going deep...


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