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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Boys Are Back In Town

My first boat, USS Topeka (SSN 754), returned home from WestPac yesterday. According to a story posted at The Sub Report (original story is the 3rd one down here, but I think the article switches the CO's names in talking about the mid-deployment change of command, since CDR Correll was the old CO), the boat will be used for filming of the TV show "24" later this month -- one of the "benefits" of being a San Diego boat.

In addition to being my first boat, Topeka also hosted tours for my retirement ceremony back in 2004, which meant a lot to me. CDR Correll's graciousness in doing that for me makes up for his previous life as a detailer in my book, and the two consecutive Battle E awards the boat's won indicate that she's once again at the top of her game.

Update 2141 06 April: Here's another family reunion picture from Topeka's homecoming.


Blogger half said...

also hosted tours for my retirement ceremony back in 2004,
Hosted tours.... what does that mean?

4/06/2006 3:42 PM

Blogger half said...

Oh hell, never mind. Real tours, with tour guides and such. Jeeebus. A lot of stuff on this blog has different meanings.....

4/06/2006 3:44 PM


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