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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Submariner Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

While he won't actually win, it's nice to see a Russian submariner who played a role in the K-19 incident, Nikolai Batarev, get nominated for a Nobel Prize:

"Russian Nikolai Batarev has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for preventing an explosion which could have started a nuclear war in 1961.
Batarev, now 68, was a member of a Soviet nuclear submarine crew.
"In 1961 K-19, the first Soviet nuclear submarine, was taking part in military exercises, her role being to imitate enemy actions, when an accident took place on board on July 4. The sub was 100 miles from a U.S. naval base in the North Atlantic.
"The submarine’s reactor system broke down. A separate accident had disabled her long-range radio system, so the sub could not contact Moscow. The main danger was the possibility of a uranium leak into the water, while in case of an explosion both the USSR and the United States could have considered it as an attempted attack.
"Nine crew members died during the operation to repair the reactor — Batarev was among those who prevented the nuclear explosion."

I'm pretty sure that "uranium leak" was just a bad translation.

While being nominated is really not really tough (there are about 3000 people eligible to nominate someone for the Peace Prize) I'm glad to see a submariner being recognized for his bravery in a really bad situation.


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