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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Video Of USS Virginia

[Intel Source: The Sub Report] National Geographic has a great video (almost 3 minutes) of USS Virginia (SSN 774) over at their website. It's worth a look; in addition to some great time-lapse phototography of the boat moving around the construction yard, it also has the best below-deck footage I've ever seen -- much better than the few pictures I was able to find last year. It's worth your while to watch it; I got a screen capture of the Control Room to pique your interest:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Up to 800 feet!"



5/17/2006 6:42 AM

Blogger Subsunk said...

Wow. And it can gather intelligence too!?!?! What will they think of next?

Personally, I'd like to see the Hooters version of this craft. They can dress up (or down) anything and make it 100% better. And the wings are delicious.


5/17/2006 7:20 AM


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