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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Famous!

Not really... but I did get a Letter To The Editor published in The Idaho Statesman. It's the first letter here -- basically it's this post cut down to meet the 200 word limit for a LTTE. Seeing it in print, I realize how limiting the format of a Letter To The Editor really is; because you can't put in hyperlinks, unless someone already knew how Congressman Simpson had said that anyone who was a Larry Grant supporter couldn't be a Republican, they'd have no idea what I was talking about.

While I'm talking about how famous (for Idaho) I am, I really should thank all my loyal readers (Hi, Mom!) who put me over the 200,000 visit mark earlier this week. (For those keeping track, it took me 13 months to get 100,000 visitors, and another 8 1/2 to get up to 200K. At this rate of site traffic increase, I'll be getting over 1 million visitors per second sometime in 2012.) So, thank you all very much for stopping by... I'll do my best to keep coming up with content to keep you informed and/or entertained.


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