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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Submarine Shout-Out On The Colbert Report

Earlier this week, I read somewhere about how The Colbert Report had mentioned the USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740). My sons Tivo the episodes every night, so I asked them if they still had it -- unfortunately, they'd already watched and deleted it. "Darn, double shoot," I thought, "there goes my chance to look over the what he said and expose any errors."

Luckily, CDR Salamander doesn't give up as easily as me, and he found the video clip of the Shout Out:

CDR Salamander noted that Colbert messed up with the picture he showed (which was of a Russian Typhoon) and the mention of the "new vertical launch tubes", which confused the Tomahawk tubes on a converted SSGN with the normal tubes on the an unconverted Trident. Even so, it was a good bit, and I hope Colbert keeps up his relationship with the Rhode Island's crew.


Anonymous LCDR Jon Walsh, USN said...

Petty Officer Brugemann - I qualified him Reactor Operator on USS Maine (Blue) a few years ago. Great guy.

5/21/2007 11:46 AM

Blogger G-Man said...

Thanks bubblehead for keeping up with the news. Unfortunately, I was at both Disneylands in CA. Going back to see the Submarine ride that opens in June.

5/21/2007 1:54 PM


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