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Thursday, July 12, 2007

USS Wahoo (SS 238) Wreath-Laying

RADM Doug McAneny, Commander of Submarine Group SEVEN in Yokosuka, recently honored the fighting crew of USS Wahoo (SS 238) by laying a wreath on her resting spot in the La Perouse Straits from the submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40). Here's a picture from Navy NewsStand of the ceremony:

It's a good picture, but check out the caption they currently have attached to the picture:
Rear Adm. Douglas McAneny, Commander Submarine Squadron 7, helps lay a wreath into the ocean in remembrance of the Sailors aboard USS Wahoo (DD 238) from aboard submarine tender USS Frank Cable (AS 40). The submarine sunk in October 1943 and was found in June 2006 by a Russian diving team.
[Emphasis mine] I know that it's too simplistic to expect every Mass Communication Specialist (or whatever they're calling Navy Journalists nowadays) to understand the subtleties of submarining, or even the difference between a submarine squadron and group, but I think we could at least expect them to know the difference between a DD and an SS. (They also need to fix it in this other picture of the event.) Hopefully they'll get the captions fixed soon, since some people over at Rontini's BBS have written in to complain.


Blogger Vigilis said...

We live in an increasingly dumb-downed society. Unfortunately, this generalized condition is a direct result of today's secondary education establishment and is reflected proportionately within the pool of our courageous, military volunteers.

They are not to blame; we are.

7/12/2007 6:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've found that a polite e-mail to Navy Visual News ( ) usually results in prompt editing--they don't like being dumb-in-public any more than anyone else.

7/13/2007 5:55 AM


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