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Friday, August 17, 2007

Pictures Of Mystic

Navy NewsStand has quite a few new pictures up of the DSRV Mystic, including this one:

Some other new pictures are here, here, here, and here; the last three are from inside the DSRV. I've never been inside a DSRV, but I have been over to the unit's buildings on North Island. Mystic and her sister Avalon are both pretty old, so hopefully the Navy is planning for their replacements. Has anyone heard of anything that's coming down the NAVSEA pipe?


Anonymous STSC(SS) said...

I was stationed at Deep Submergence Unit a few years ago, and they've been talking about a system to replace the DSRV for years! I think the latest version of the new system is called the Pressurized Rescue Module System (PRMS), and is built by the same company that built the Australian Remora.
The Avalon was removed from service in 2000, and is probably still being used for parts for the Mystic.
By the way, has anyone ever seen that cool world map that shows the areas where a downed submarine could be rescued by a DSRV? Because the DSRV is limited in depth, the continental shelves are pretty much the only places a submarine could be reached. I remember looking at that map and wondering if submarining was indeed a good way to make a living!

8/17/2007 11:52 AM

Anonymous "We may be small, but we are slow too" said...

I believe you are incorrect in your interpretation of the map. DSRVs are more than capable of getting down to deep depths, however for most of the world's oceans, there would be no rescue, just a survey of the debris field. The crush depths of most of the submarines, ours, our allies, and even "others" just do not give a very large window for too deep to buoyant ascent, but not too deep that reaching the bottom with a dissub in one piece is possible. Once you leave the continental shelf astern, it gets real deep real fast in most of the worlds oceans.

8/17/2007 8:38 PM

Anonymous stsc(SS) said...


8/17/2007 11:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MYSTIC was stricken from service September 30, 2008. A tentative ceremony 6 March will recognize the DSRV program and also there will be a naming ceremony for the new vessel that has taken over submarine rescue. For details contact LT Householder at 619-545-9185.

12/05/2008 3:02 PM

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