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Friday, September 14, 2007

Chilean Submarine In San Diego

Navy NewsStand has a couple of pictures of the newest participant in the Diesel Electric Submarine Initiative (DESI) as she arrived in Point Loma -- the Chilean Type 209 CS Simpson (SS 21):

CS Simpson seems to be replacing the Swedish submarine HMS Gotland as the U.S.-based allied DESI participant. According to the article accompanying the pictures, the Chileans will be at Subase Point Loma for three months. From what I've heard, the Chileans are either the 2nd or 3rd best submariners in the Western Hemisphere (it's between them and the Canadians for 2nd place, and I wouldn't bet against the Chileans), so they should provide a high level of training for our Navy. I'm sure the American submariners in San Diego are giving their Chileans brothers a good primer on the places to go and things to see while they're in town!


Blogger reddog said...

The US is really missing a bet not building some of these. Let's hope they are using this opportunity to re-evaluate.

They sure look like fun, don't they? And the best thing of all?

No Nucs!

9/14/2007 7:37 PM

Blogger midwatchcowboy said...

Good riddance to the Swedes. The Navy paid them way too much to run their crews through (vacation) target services in SoCal.

9/16/2007 5:46 PM

Blogger Galrahn said...

Isn't Brazil about to finish up something similar on the East Coast?

9/17/2007 5:23 PM

Blogger Zoe Brain said...

Another boat with some of my gear on. Well, mine and about a hundred others...

In late June I was at Haifa Naval Base too. Got to see some code I'd last seen over 10 years ago. A few things have changed since then - the first name for example - and that took a little explaining....

It's one heck of a responsibility knowing that on any one day, ~200 submariners in any of a dozen navies have their lives depending on you not having screwed up over a decade ago.

But anyone who *doesn't* worry about that is someone who has no business being involved in making submarine systems.

I think the Chilean boat will be just as much of a challenge for the USN as the Swedish one. The Kit is Good, even though I say so myself. Same basic sonars on both.

9/19/2007 8:01 AM

Blogger alex said...

I rode the Simpson for a couple of weeks for RIMPAC 2004. Very tight crew - they had some fun, but were serious about their jobs and kept the boat in good shape.

1/07/2008 10:00 PM

Anonymous Robert Smith said...

Friends, our government should actually evaluate the situation in San Diego carefully.

I think not only the Chilean boat, but the challenges are now from world over, and San Diego should take lead.

5/18/2010 12:27 AM

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