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Saturday, September 22, 2007

EXCLUSIVE! Photo Of "Britney In Idaho"! Must Credit Bubblehead!

While I was away in Texas, apparently rumors started flying around the Boise area that Britney Spears was hanging out in southwestern Idaho. From the Idaho Statesman:
Rumors ran wild Thursday and Friday that the troubled singer was lurking in the Treasure Valley. Callers to pop radio stations claimed Spears was in town to see a concert by the Young Dubliners at Taco Bell Arena. (You just know Britney loves Irish-rock.) Others thought she’d be at The Big Easy for a show by rapper E-40.
The most common spot Spears was allegedly spotted? Nampa...
...Radio station Kiss 103.3 FM was the first to receive a call from a female listener Thursday claiming that Britney was in Idaho. The calls soon multiplied — at Kiss before spreading to its competitor, Magic 93.1 FM — and continued Friday.
Rumors claimed Spears would be going clubbing at China Blue/Dirty Little Roddy’s Thursday, which had fans breathlessly eyeing every limousine that drove down Main Street.
While Britney's publicists are claiming that the young dancer was not in Boise, my sources say otherwise! The same elite Bubblehead Photoshopping Investigative Team that brought you the picture of the Zamboni in the Boise Burger King Drivethru has undisnonreliable photographic evidence that Ms. Spears had recently visited the most recognizable landmark in Boise:

Take that, mainstream "flea"-dia! A blogger just totally scooped your butts! Boo-yah!


Blogger Cameron said...

Bubblehead, you're giving real newshounds a bad name. Real news outlets would never, never!, photoshop their pictures to fuel interest in a story.

9/23/2007 10:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting bored in Texas are ya now? I agree with cameron, thats a lowsy photoshop of brit'ney thar.

9/23/2007 2:47 PM

Blogger jeffox said...

Zamboni? I don't see any zamboni. :) :)

9/25/2007 12:49 AM


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