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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

When Moonbat Conspiracy Theories Collide

It's funny watching various tin-foil hatters (on both sides of the political spectrum) when their conspiracy theories run up against inconsistencies that even the most convoluted scenarios (involving both Freemasons and joooooos) won't be able to explain. Today's news that the person or persons who leaked the September UBL video to the press was responsible for making Al Qaeda aware of security holes they had is one such event.

Over at Democratic Underground, quite a few of the posters had been saying that bin Laden actually works for the CIA (these are the "Bush did 9/11" types) and the CIA had made the video to distract the "sheeple" from the Bush administration's attempts to find out which books you've checked out from the library. Today's news, which seems bad for the administration, caused a rift between those who thought the story showed more Bush incompetence/evilosity (the video was leaked to distract us from whatever bad news was happening that day) and those who thought the story was put out to make people even more sure that UBL really exists. The underlying absurdity amuses me to no end.

Oh, and as far as the person or persons who leaked the video? I think they should be sent to a Federal "pound you in the a**" prison for a long, long time. Even if it was someone from the White House.


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