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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Navy Settles An Old Score

Navy's 3OT win over Notre Dame yesterday ended a 43 game losing streak to the Fighting Irish -- the longest losing streak of one team to another in NCAA history. The avenging of this streak (which I sure has left ND-fan WillyShake quite shaken) means that the U.S. Navy has now atoned for every embarrassement with the exception of the HMS Leopard / USS Chesapeake encounter of 1807.

Of interest, the 2nd longest win streak by one team over another was Nebraska's 36 consecutive wins over my alma mater Kansas through 2004; Kansas got their 2nd win in three years over Nebraska yesterday in a really humiliating fashion. The 76 points given up by Nebraska were the most ever surrendered by a 'Husker team, proving that defensive coordinator Kevin "Idiot" Cosgrove should really consider studying the Japanese samurai culture and the Bushido code for what to do in the face of intolerable failure. Luckily, he and the other coaches brought in by the previous Athletic Director, Satan, will be gone in a few weeks; 'Husker fans are apparently buying as many tickets to the Colorado game as they can to give them a fitting farewell -- and ensure they don't come back to Nebraska when they're fired by Saint Tom after the final gun. Here's a picture of one of the coveted tickets to that game:

Oh, well, it's almost basketball season...


Anonymous Steeljaw Scribe said...

That wasn't a game - it was an abortion. The Blackshirts are dead, well and truly executed at the hands of Callahan, Cosgrove and Co. Fire the lot, don't let them set foot back int he state after the Colorado game and bring back Turner Gil and Bo Pellini.

Tom Osborne - Please stop the Insanity!


11/04/2007 8:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a life long Domer, and I'll just say this is the worst season in my memory for the Irish.

However, if they are gonna suck wet socks, I'm thrilled that the Navy was finally able to break that streak. I'd hate to think it was a completely wasted season.



11/05/2007 4:52 AM

Blogger E.P. said...

I'm staying in temporary lodging in the DC area right now. I'm half surprised I didn't get a call from reception during the Navy game. I think I was yelling (and perhaps some un-choice words) at the television on a couple of occasions. (Especially the "pass interference" on the second to last play of the game.)
But it all worked out in the end...

11/05/2007 5:34 AM

Blogger Pig Boat said...


I was worried we were in for a rough season, doubly so when we made the same mistake with Weiss that we did with Got-derned Bob Davie, and extended his contract before he had well and truly proved himself. The thing the man has going for him most is his own opinion of himself.

Even so, all things must come to and end, and so did the Navy streak. As it was, I wasn't as heartbroken to see it end as I was when our "Decade of Dominance" over USC ended. It was time for Navy to get a win, and to do it by beating us in pretty much every aspect of the game made it a worthy win, and not a fluke. And, hopefully, the silver lining for Domers like myself will be the firing of our idiotic AD who keeps extending the contracts of chumps...

11/05/2007 7:06 AM

Blogger Cameron said...

Saw the end of the Navy game and really enjoyed it. I just can't fathom how one team can lose to another for 40+ years. Amazing.

How did ND get this bad? Don't they have an NFL genius as coach? I guess that didn't work out so well for Nebraska either. Or Pitt, for that matter. And BYU tried it with Crowton a few years ago and that ended badly too. Interesting how we always hear about college coaches flopping in the NFL (Steve Spurrier, for instance), but we don't hear about the other side of the story.

11/05/2007 12:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joel, I have a question. Your alma mater is Kansas. They walloped Nebraska. Why do you want Nebraska to change coaches? That's like Ohio State fans wanting to see Michigan replace Lloyd Carr. (As the Cowlumbus joke last year went, Jim Tressel drives an SUV, but he owns a Lloyd Carr.)

11/06/2007 6:06 AM

Blogger WillyShake said...

I'll try to be big about the ND loss and say "Congrats" to the Middies.

I can't follow PBS, though, and throw Charlie under the bus--beginning with the dismissal of Holtz, it is THAT Domer impatience with Head Coaches, and not the contract business, that began this awful chapter in ND football.

11/07/2007 12:02 PM

Blogger Pig Boat said...

Willy, don't get me wrong, I totally agree that ND's (mostly the boosters') impatience with our coaches is why we are where we are. Myself, I wish we had never fired Willingham. I'll shoot you an e-mail, though, so as not to spam Joel's blog bemoaning our fate ;-)

11/07/2007 3:57 PM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

While I graduated from Kansas, I grew up in Nebraska, so my football loyalties remain with the Cornhuskers. Since I didn't really become a college basketball fan until I started school in Lawrence, I cheer for Kansas in basketball. Since I was never a big Nebraska BB fan, I figure I'm not being a bandwagoner -- I've stuck with my favorites for 38 and 22 years, respectively.

11/07/2007 9:11 PM


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