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Friday, April 04, 2008

Pirates Seize French Cruise Ship In Gulf Of Aden

A breaking news story with not much detail yet:
PARIS (AP) — France's Foreign Ministry says pirates have seized control of a French cruise ship off the coast of Somalia.
A ministry official says details are scarce about Friday's attack. It is not clear whether any passengers are on board or how many crew members are on the vessel. The ship is in the high seas in the Gulf of Aden.
The Gulf of Aden is just off the coast of Somalia, so it's pretty obvious who is responsible. A French Rear Admiral currently commands CTF 150, the Allied maritime force in the region, so action should be swift. Expect Eagle1 to have the best coverage of this piracy as soon as he gets to a computer.

Staying at PD...

Update 0813 07 April: It turns out that there weren't any passengers on board, but quite a few crewmembers, including, reportedly, six women. As promised, Eagle1 has much more here and here.


Anonymous diogenes said...

FoxNews now reporting:

Attackers stormed aboard "Le Ponant," a 260-foot long luxury motor yacht that can carry up to 60 passengers, as it returned without passengers from the Seychelles, in the Indian Ocean, toward the Mediterranean Sea, said officials with French maritime transport company CMA-CGM.

4/04/2008 12:15 PM


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