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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Campaign Finance Report Time!

It's that time of year again... time for the next-to-last FEC filings before the election! OK, I know that, in most parts of the country, even thinking about this would put people to sleep. Here in Idaho's 1st Congressional District, though, it's a source of endless amusement as people ask, "Will Congressman Bill Sali's crack staff be able to file a complete, accurate, and timely report even one time before their jobs go away?"

Sali's opponent, Walt Minnick, is one of those people with a competent staff -- not much drama there; he got his report in yesterday. Congressman Bill Sali, though, has significant problems with following campaign "rules" and whatnot. His July 2008 report was 10 days late; the filing deadline for the October report is tonight at midnight. His report isn't in yet; the big question here is if he'll get the report that's due 10/15 accurately submitted before the next report is due on October 23rd.

Update 1548 15 Oct: I've gotta say I'm impressed; the Sali campaign turned their report in on time, with hours to spare. Now we'll have to see how it rates for "accuracy". Two minutes of searching found one error -- a minor typo where the "Rely on Your Beliefs Fund" is called the "Rely of Your Beliefs Fund". I picked it up because it doesn't make any sense, grammatically, the way the Sali campaign typed it. (And I don't even support making English the official language!) I'm sure you've heard of the Fund -- it's one that took contributions from a Jack Abramoff client at his request a while back.


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