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Thursday, January 08, 2009

SUBFOR Names Junior Officers Of The Year

SUBFOR today announced the results of the Junior Officer of the Year competition. Selectees will be honored in D.C. at a later date; hopefully they won't have to combine their "good deal" trip to Washington with their Engineer's Exam at NR. BZ to all those selected, and to those who didn't get picked this year, remember -- it's Submarine Force tradition that the winner has to buy drinks for all other JOs on the waterfront. At least you can tell the winners that that's the tradition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brings back some memories. What a boondoggle that was - got to see some cool stuff (West Wing at night after some imbibing, got to go into the Oval Office, met the CJCS, underground Congressional tour, etc. etc.). It was a 5 day, no-boat, no-stress break at a really good time (read: bad stretch on the boat that kept breaking/blowing up).

1/09/2009 6:31 AM

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