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Saturday, March 27, 2010

FY11 URL Flag List Released

Although the ALNAV hasn't been released yet, word on the street is that the following Submarine Officers have been selected for O-7:

CAPT Dave M. Duryea
CAPT Dietrich H. Kuhlmann III
CAPT Frederick J. Roegge
CAPT Phillip G. Sawyer
CAPT Joseph E. Tofalo

This list might not be exhaustive; it's just everyone on the list who I know (or am pretty sure) is an 1120. Interestingly, the list is a lot later than last year; the FY10 list was released on 11 Feb in 2009. Of the five officers listed, the one I know best is RADM RDML (sel) "Fritz" Roegge. He was my last CO on USS Connecticut (SSN 22) when I was Eng, and while I didn't necessarily like his Engineer leave policy (to not allow the Eng to take leave, even with his relief on board, to drive his family cross-country for a PCS move when the Eng got extended three months due to an unscheduled BATREP), I really liked his command style, and always thought that had I earned Command I would have emulated him more than any of my other COs. He is the first of my sub COs to earn his flag, and I thought he was the most likely of the five I had to make it.

What do you think about the list? Be nice (if possible)...

Bell-ringer 1519 28 Mar: Corrected the abbreviation for 1 star Admiral.

Update 1513 30 Mar: Here's the ALNAV. Looks like the list above is accurate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Capt Duryea was my XO on the Honolulu. We didn't always see eye to eye but I thought he was a great XO. RADM Haney was the CO on the Hono also. This is my first pair of CO/XOs that are or will be of flag rank.
Duryea was the CO of the Florida, I think and was a leader in the SSGN stuff.


3/27/2010 3:08 PM

Blogger Ret ANAV said...

Good call on Joe Tofalo. Sailed with him as an Eng and again when he was PCOI. Par for the course that we didn't always see eye to eye either, but 60% of my job is philosophical and he's a soild thinker.

3/27/2010 3:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

CAPT Roegge was my first skipper on the Connecticut. He was a great guy and I really enjoyed serving with him. I was only a young M-Div'r but he definatly made an impression me

3/27/2010 3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on them all.

Please tell me that Bligh is not on any list other than the outbound one? That would be the star that broke the last straw, lol.

3/27/2010 4:07 PM

Blogger Dan said...

CAPT Sawyer was my 3rd commodore while I was on staff at squadron 15 in Guam a couple years back. He's a good man, and I'm glad to see his name on that list.

MMCS(SS/SW) Retired

3/27/2010 4:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, then LT Roegge was offered a choice between two jobs, one of them being the COMSUBPAC Flag LT gig. Perhaps because we had just met, he asked me for some unbiased advice. I suggested to him that in the Flag LT job, he would learn what flag officers think is important--invaluable insight when you're an O-3. That's the job he chose and, at least partly due to the tragic death of Rear Admiral Darby during that tour, Fritz learned a lot more than he bargained for when taking the job.

In the end analysis, it's great when good people do well and get a chance to help others do well. Captain Roegge has done well and will continue to help others do so, too. To the extent I may have been able to make a miniscule contribution to that end, it's been a good Navy day.

3/27/2010 6:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a solid list. I'm more pleased by who DIDN'T make the list than who did!

3/27/2010 6:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good list. As always, it's not "who you know," but "who knows you." Each one of these guys has a sugar-daddy.

3/27/2010 8:46 PM

Blogger Rudder Amidships said...

CAPT Duryea was my CO on Florida. We definitely had some differences, but he was an excellent captain.

I'm glad to see his name on the list. He deserves it.


3/28/2010 1:29 AM

Anonymous SubIconoclast said...

The Sub Force got a real win with CAPT Dave Duryea's selection as an AP Flag Officer. He's served in a number of challenging roles and proven himself capable of making tough calls that may hurt in the short-term but almost always pay off in the long-term. Really smart guy who outworks just about everybody... and he truly has the nation's interests at heart. It's also refreshing to see an unconventional thinker recognized for his ability.

Right guy for the right job.

3/28/2010 7:30 AM

Blogger Rubber Ducky said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

3/28/2010 8:51 AM

Blogger Rubber Ducky said...

Anyone have numbers comparing the count of this year's 1120s against the number from previous years? Any of these guys Material Professionals/1220s ... or is that program now gone? Tks.

3/28/2010 8:52 AM

Anonymous LT L said...

The fill list:


3/28/2010 10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

RADM = 2 stars

RDML = 1 star

3/28/2010 11:59 AM

Blogger fourfastboats said...

The MP community was replaced by thr Aquisition Professional (AP)community a few years ago. There is typically one 1120 AP selection per year. This year it is Dave Duryea - a good choice.

The Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Commander - Greg Thomas is a submarine EDO.

3/28/2010 1:23 PM

Anonymous rusty700 said...

Capt Kuhlmann was just relieved (good relieved, not the other kind) as my CO on MICHIGAN B this past November. I am surprised he made it so quickly but than again and SSGN tour does count as a major command tour. In any case I think he will make a good flag. He is very deliberate and has a good balanced approach to command IMHO.

3/28/2010 2:45 PM

Blogger Rubber Ducky said...

Going through the whole list, am struck by how many are in joint jobs and also how many are in Navy-internal think-tank jobs. And how few are currently shooters. It's a rather cerebral list, what. Not a critical comment, but certainly a shift from years ago when Navy thought these jobs were death. But sounds like the 1120s on the list have all gone through the Major Command slots on the waterfront as always required.

Bupers continues to be a place where hot-runners are stashed enroute flag.

Roger on MP/AP. When Lehman invented the MP field nearly 25 years ago, his promise was 'same promotion rate as the line specialty you came from.' Good to see that promise being kept. One pump-kicker seems about par.

Overall, the list says to me that Navy is emphasizing two primary areas, design/acquisition (including software) and joint affairs. That's sure a long ways from the old waterfront-oriented go-it-alone Navy. Seems wise to me and a reflection on especially the thinking and personality of Mike Mullen.

3/28/2010 3:27 PM

Blogger midwatchcowboy said...

Duryea is an outstanding choice for Flag Officer in the AP community. He was terrific as a PMS code officer for NAVSEA.

Sawyer was also terrific as COS for CSF.

3/28/2010 4:24 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually the submarine force APs enjoy a much higher selection rate than their peers who continue along the "normal" career path. Only a few (3 to 4?) per year group transition to AP - and on average one per year group promotes to flag. They also on average tend to select earlier than those on the "normal" path.

It is rather rare for a submariner to select to flag rank while still serving in Major Command. I am sure there are some other exceptions, but the only one that immediately comes to mind was Watson in the early 90s.

3/28/2010 5:44 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP sounds like a pretty good deal. If you're going to be a paper pusher (major command and up), you might as well develop paper-pushing skills/contacts that will help you in the civilian world!

3/28/2010 7:22 PM

Blogger Miss J said...

I met Fritz on a couple of occasions... back in DC in early 2006 with his wife and another couple and then at Kitsap in 2008 at a "career-planning" event for senior officers and their spouses; the three of us had dinner afterwards. He was gracious and wise and clearly thought the best of people. I wish him all the best and large congratulations.

3/29/2010 3:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Annon 3/28/2010 5:44 PM
You mention Watson for the early 90's Would that be the ex CO of 699 who later went on to RecuitCom and landed up being relieved?

3/29/2010 7:39 AM

Blogger Rubber Ducky said...

Tony Watson: more than just 'relieved.' The story is that he was boffing the wife of one of the Navy-wide SOY finalists - in the parking garage of the hotel where the SOY ceremony was being held - the night of the ceremony.

Tony Watson was a great guy, good submariner, and role model for black sailors. He could not have shattered all this in more spectacular fashion.

Might this gently suggest that submariners have a bit to learn about relations with females ... for their own good? And perhaps that male-only crews denied these people the need to treat females as equals and this in turn led to more than one submarine front-runner absolutely wrecking his value to the Navy at a later time? The attitudes towards females shown by some in this blog are simply unacceptable in the Navy as a whole and in the business world later. This is not a PC opinion: the record says it's a fact.

Yes, that Tony Watson.

3/29/2010 8:07 AM

Blogger kwicslvr said...

Congrats to RDML(sel) Roegge. I enjoyed him on the 22 boat as well. He interacted with the crew much more than Davis. After having Davis though anyone would of been an improvement!

3/29/2010 8:07 AM

Blogger Bubblehead said...

Garrett - That's interesting to hear your thoughts about CAPT Davis; I liked him a lot. Maybe he just interacted better with officers than the crew.

3/29/2010 8:29 AM

Blogger Bill Howell said...

Glad to see Dave Duryea on the list. Haven't seen him in about 13 years, but we were in the same PXO class in '96 and then he came over to my house for dinner a year later when the Hono pulled into Bangor.

Good, solid guy. He'll wear the stars better than most.

3/29/2010 10:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re Selecting to RDML from Major Command: Cecil Haney selected while serving as (or very shortly after finishing his tour as) CSS-1 Commodore.

3/29/2010 11:16 AM

Anonymous Participant said...

@Duck: You might want to reconsider your words more than just a bit. Aside from the fact that your women-on-boats arguments are all based on things other than combat-readiness, your outright slander of Tony Watson is beyond the pale.

I don't know Watson from Adam, but I know slander and gossip when I see them. BTW, Tony Watson and his daughters are alive and again, I'd more than urge caution on this sort of very public assertion.

@Bubblehead: Me-thinks that the Duck's words cross the line, and would encourage you to take them down from your blog. It's just not 'conduct becoming,' and moreover is the sort of stuff of legal action should someone get their blood up.

3/29/2010 12:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Duck may have gotten some of the details wrong, but the basic substance of his comments is on target. Some would say the full story is even worse than that.

3/29/2010 1:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Participant at are so wrong.

The Duck is close. Watson was video taped getting a BJ in the parking lot from the wife of one of the recruiters of the year candidates - don't know if it was the winner. Video tape made the round of the guards before someone recognized him and reported it. Last I heard, he was retired as an O-6.

I know the recorder for Watson's flag board. Results of the first board were refused due to diversity issues. A new board dug deep into the O-6 ranks to pick Watson...not a favorite among his SS peers!

Leave Duck alone...he may be a demo lib, but he has this one correct - Watson was a loser.

3/29/2010 2:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now with the next question, which alway surfaces (pardon the pun) after one of these posts.... Who is the next batch of 1120's? Let the names start.

3/29/2010 2:36 PM

Blogger Rubber Ducky said...

"Watson was a loser."

Disagree. He was a good submariner and a good flag officer in one of the toughest jobs in the Navy. His conduct astonished nearly everyone but left the Navy no choice but to cashier him. Sad, sad business. My point was that he wasn't well calibrated to contemporary societal standards, something that I would ascribe to his cloistered time in the boats.

What looks like PC to many here are the standards of conduct required by our current society and laws. The sooner submariners understand this, the sooner we stop losing good guys in affairs like this. He was not the first or the last, even at flag rank.

3/29/2010 2:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now with the next question, which alway surfaces (pardon the pun) after one of these posts.... Who is the next batch of 1120's? Let the names start.

I'll throw Ken Swan out there.

3/29/2010 3:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duck, if getting a parking lot hummer from a fellow sailor's wife isn't enough to qualify this jackass as a loser, what is?

3/29/2010 4:32 PM

Anonymous Participant said...

Sorry, guys...but I'm still calling bullshit on the Duck's walk here.

He's clearly drumming up this off-topic, pond scum event in a bizarre attempt to justify women on submarines.

The notion that "(Watson) wasn't well calibrated to contemporary societal standards, something that I would ascribe to his cloistered time in the boats" is as obtuse as it is insulting to one's intellect.

What are we supposed to think of the woman involved in this sordid affair? Perhaps if only she - and, of course, other women - had been assigned to a submarine, somehow we men-folk would all have developed a more equitable understanding of women...???

A metal tube that is gone from sight for months at a time is no place for mixed gender crews. The very notion is laughable on the face of it. This has ZERO to do with societal standards...or whatever other PC concept someone will drag up next.

Maybe we should put the ladies side-by-side with the SEALs in their various venues. I understand there's a womanizer or two in those ranks as well. Putting some ladies with them...yeah, that'll fix 'em.


G'night fellas, I'm all talked out on this one. Good luck (but wear protection) with that women on submarines thing.

3/29/2010 4:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Now with the next question, which alway surfaces (pardon the pun) after one of these posts.... Who is the next batch of 1120's? Let the names start.

I'll throw Ken Swan out there."

(Dons Steam Suit) Lee Hankins, anyone?

3/29/2010 6:08 PM

Blogger Srvd_SSN_CO said...

Rather than discuss Ken Swan or Lee Hankins, let me remind the audience that the moderator asked for positive comments. Oops. damn it.

Duryea, never saw eye to eye with him, but he was solid.

Sawyer. None better.

Tofalo. Great choice, was pretty sure he wouldn't make it based on his own words.

My count says 5/25 flags. Don't know if that is up or down from past years.

3/29/2010 6:21 PM

Anonymous NHSparky said...

Participant--I'll say it. I was in recruiting at the time of the whole incident with Tony Watson. Let's just say there was a whole lot more sordid details, and he wasn't the only one to go bye-bye from that whole affair. Several senior enlisted did as well, and no, I'm not going to drop names. They know who they are, and that's enough.

3/29/2010 7:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Thomas for flag?


3/29/2010 7:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about COSS to Flag: Arnie Lotran!

3/29/2010 8:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What YG were the picks this year? I think Duryea and Sawyer are both 83. And commissioning source?

3/29/2010 8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure about commissioning source for any of the flag selects, but I do not believe that all are USNA graduates.

Phil Sawyer and Joe Tofalo are YG-83. I am not certain on Dave Duryea and Dietrich Kuhlmann, but believe they are either YG-83 or 84.

Fritz Roegge is YG-81. Certainly a good guy, but it is kind of late for him to be making flag. Last year's board surprisingly made what I thought were "late" picks as well.

By late I mean greater than 2 years out of Major Command. At that point an officer is at least 50 years old - at that age most of us start to lose energy and that can be a major concern when one considers the demands placed on our flag officers.

I think in general, the later that an officer selects to flag, there is reduced potential for reaching 3 and 4 star rank - so the trend of selecting flags later could reduce 1120 presence at the 3/4 star level.

3/29/2010 9:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duryea is AP, a different game for FLAG.

Roegge (Univ of Minn), YG-81

Tofalao, Sawyer, Kuhlmann all USNA YG-83

Roegge is the only surprise - most considered it over for him but he fought his back in the game after Ken Perry fumbled the CNO EA gig. JS is a good place to be.

Tofalo and Sawyer were in - CSF CoS and EA to VCNO

Kuhlmann proved his metal in the requirements business as well as at sea.

3/29/2010 10:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Duryea is YG 83, University of Rochester (BS Geomechanics).

(P.S. One proves one's "mettle" not "metal"...unless, of course, anodized or copper-plated by the various trials and tribulations of life.)

3/30/2010 2:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, so YG84 should be the target for next year - who are the favorites? Dave Kriete is 84 and relieving Sawyer as CSF COS - enough time in the primo job to make it? Has Burke been at CSDS-12 long enough to make up for the fact that he's YG 85? Mark Olsen's doing a great job as Kitsap Base CO - is it time for another Installation pick?

I have a hard time seeing Hankins making it. Too old (graduated HS in 76 - 52 yrs old?) too young (YG85), wrong job (CSP COS), and too much baggage (GREENEVILLE III). Which means he'll probably make it.

3/30/2010 4:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clark is yg 84 and just got the big gig of USNA Dant... Should punch his ticket, but i think that is a two year gig

3/30/2010 6:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3/29/2010 10:42 PM: Just curious, what do you mean by "AP, a different game for FLAG"? Is the process separate or what?

And what did Perry do to "fumble the CNO EA gig"?

3/30/2010 9:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some other thoughts for next year, in no particular order:

Paul Marconi?
Chuck Melcher?
Dave Ratte?
John Tammen?

OK, it was alphabetical...

3/30/2010 9:10 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

AP is a seperate pool and a much higher percentage make it - only serve in acquisition billets.

Ken Perry finished his tour as CNO EA very early (apoligized for not making it work) and didn't get selected this year (CNO EA always makes it). But now he is EA to Adm Stavrides, so we will see.

Next year Burke and Munsch for sure - Kriete maybe or may wait an extra year. Ratliff (EA to Stratcom) and Takesuye (SSG) are players but outside shots. Clark will make it now if he does OK at USNA, but may have to wait til the following year.
Not completely over for Ken Perry. Only a few others in the game.

3/30/2010 10:05 AM

Blogger tennvol said...

To my knowledge, only one of my former CO's made flag - Mel Williams. It was obvious from day one he was on the fast track.

3/30/2010 10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't Munsch Nav on JEFF CITY when they grounded?

3/30/2010 11:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Typically each YG cadre of 1120 officers will have 4 flag selects. 3 of those 4 will have been "pre-ordained" and on a pre-determined path to flag. As long as they kept their noses clean, didn't stub their toe and kept their pants zipped up they were going to make flag. Look for flag LT, BUPERS and EA time in their assignment histories. Being diverse doesn't hurt either.

3/30/2010 12:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have hit the nail squarly on the head. I agree with you 100% Iknow because I served with Watson and I wasn't a messcook when I did. Enough said!

3/30/2010 1:17 PM

Blogger Ret ANAV said...

"Here are some other thoughts for next year, in no particular order:

Paul Marconi?
Chuck Melcher?
Dave Ratte?
John Tammen?

OK, it was alphabetical..."

+1 on Dave Ratte (Perhaps)
Chris Kaiser?
Jeff Powers?

3/31/2010 4:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought Chas Richards was going to make flag....has his time passed? Or maybe I just was mis-informed.

One thing for sure, Fritz will captain the flag officer basketball team....he had one of the purest jump shots I've seen or played against.

3/31/2010 6:11 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought Chas Richards [sic] was going to make flag...

Chas Richard has pissed in too many people's Wheaties. Plus he's too socially inept to put in front of any VIPs.

3/31/2010 6:35 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burke, Kaiser, and Munsch are all YG 85, would be a stretch to pick one of them next year. But it's always possible.

Who has the inside track in the AP world?

3/31/2010 7:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have known Roegge since he was a mid and Univ of Mn, glad to see his name on list, Duryea and I are shipmates both of us completed tough AP tours, yes those are tougher than command at sea, and Phil was on a squadron ship while I was a deputy, all solid choices, subforce could do and has done a lot worse

3/31/2010 11:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see Captain Roegge make the list. He's a steady straight shooter who respected the Chief's quarters and listened to their advise when warranted. As a CPO who worked for him, I respected the fact that when I made a call "this boat is unsafe to navigate" he would back me up 100% and support additional training until I was satisfied they were safe to navigate.

That kind of trust, support and autonomy made the long hours of work rewarding, and was a refreshing change of pace from a couple of micro-managers who could never figure out how to keep "the main thing the main thing".

4/01/2010 9:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dietrich is from my hometown and a classmate and companymate at USNA....he's a great guy. Where else can you can you find a genius who can bury 20 three pointers in a row. He's an Admiral who got game. Congrats Dietrich!.....Cereze

4/11/2010 11:46 AM

Blogger itswells said...

Kuhlman is a tool (and I'm being kind). Now, I will temper that with my exposure to him was when he was on the TRE take that for what it's worth.
USN (Ret)

4/14/2010 8:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

STSCS you must have gotten a bad impression of Kuhlmann. He's a great guy. Good man, good submariner and well rounded officer. He'll do good things for the submarine force.

In fact that whole flag list is a good one.

4/15/2010 3:53 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MT3.... (su) hahaha

SO CMDR KUHLMAN III.... why you would name your kids Dietrich 3 times! gosh... anyways... Dietrich is going to be made rear admiral....



7/02/2010 2:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing to listen to some of the folks you think will make flag. I know them all and God help the submarine force if guys like Kriete, Ratte and especially Melcher make it. Par for the course if they make Munsch flag. I guess that all you have to do is breath if you are a Rhodes scholar. This guy was the navigator who ran his boat aground. Shows you that most of the talent left before they had to kiss the ring to make it to this stage.

8/25/2010 11:11 AM

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12/12/2010 1:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kuhlmann was my CO for a time on the Michigan gold crew. I didn't really feel any love for the guy like my previous CO, CDR Hal Barge, but he was on point and he was fair. I severely screwed up some hovering pump maintenance one time which prevented our ability to hover while we were alert. Going into that critique I figured I was headed to mast for sure but Kuhlmann took mercy on me and let me go with a good ass chewing. The whole affair made a better sailor. I'm no longer in the navy and don't really have a vested interest in who makes admiral anymore but I think Kuhlmann is a solid choice, he deserves it.

12/23/2010 4:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Ken Perry made O-7 this year. He is a major ****up who got fired from his CNO EA job because he acted like an idiot. His USNA ties have allowed him to stay in the game. That's how he landed the SACEUR EA job along with his Southcom ties. He gives all USNA grads a bad name. He struts around the base like he is the man, but nobody has any respect for him. They are all just afraid to tell him the truth because he stomps on people constantly. Oh well, another flag that cheats on his wife that will disgrace our country.

7/14/2011 12:59 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roegge,Sawyer and Duryea served on Florida. If memory is correct. I know Roegge did and someone else posted about Duryea. I know Admiral Sullivan pushed Florida to convert to SSGN. He saw the SSBN could do a whole lot more.
Anyway Sawyer and Roegge were good at listening and using their people to solve issues. So I'd imagine they will do a good job.

9/25/2011 11:59 PM

Anonymous CAPT-USNR-Ret said...

I have the utmost respect for Fritz Roegge. We were classmates all the way through Nuc Power School in Orlando, prototype in Windsor (S1C) and sub school. He has always treated people fairly and with respect. He makes sure he knows and remembers your personal info and doesn't look down on anyone, no matter what walk of life you're from. Of the 15 nuke school classmates, I always thought he was most likely to be selected for flag. I wish him fair winds and following seas in his continuing career.

12/10/2011 10:24 PM

Anonymous said...

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6/29/2012 4:40 AM

Blogger Hobart said...

Knowing Tony since 1966, remember the LawsOfTheNAVY
USNA 1970

6/14/2013 11:52 AM


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